Books authored by the Poet

The following are some of the books authored by the Ekusher Prothom Kabi (the first poet to compose a poem on the Bangla Language Movement) towards the later part of his life. The books published in his early life and a number of manuscripts prepared prior to 1971 were burnt to ashes during the liberation war of Bangladesh by the Pakistan Army. He was greatly shocked at this and went to deep depression. After a long time with repeated persuasion and requests from the friends and family he came back to the writing pursuit. Most of the books have been published by the Palok Publishers, Dhaka. These are available at 8/2 North South Road, Purana Paltan, Dhaka.

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Books of Poems

1.Kandte Ashinee Fasheer Dabee Niye Achechi ( I have Never Come to Shed Tears)

The poem Kandte Ashinee Fasheer Dabee Niye Achechi is included in this book, recognized as the First poem composed on the Language Movement by the poet in the same evening of 21 February 1952. This has been translated into English by the National Professor Kabir Chowdhury. It contains 40 poems written between1946 and 1984. Three editions have been published in 1988, 2002 and 2005.The Cover has been designed by a highly reputed Artist Qayyum Chowdhury.

2.Surjaster Rotaragh (The Burning Music of Sunset)

A collection of 96 poems, containing 160 pages, published in December 2004. The Cover has been designed by Qayyum Chowdhury.

3.Surjer Bhore ( The Sun Light of the Dawn)

A collection of 62 poems, published in October 2006.

4.Garadvangar Sangrameera Jago( Wake Up the Breakers of Prison Bars)

This book was published in November and launched on his last birthday,07 November 2007. It is a collection of 52 poems. The book is titled by the caption of the book and has been translated into English by the National Professor Kabir Chowdhury. The cover page was designed by a popular designer Momin Uddin Khaled.

5.Audorshona (Those Unseen)

A collection of 71 poems, published a few weeks after his demise, in February 2008. Looking at the cover-page he was very happy but could not see the end product, for which he waited eagerly. The cover page was designed by Momin Uddin Khaled.

6.Ei Shundar Prithibi Chere( Leaving this Beautiful World)

With a melancholy the poet used to express most of the time: how could I leave this wonderful world? It was published after his demise, a collection of 40 poems, published during the 5th International Book Fair held at Dhaka, 2008.

7.Klanto Bashir Sur (Tune of an Exhausted Flute)

Published after his demise during the 5th International Book Fair held at Dhaka, 2008, containing 75 poems.

8.Chhoray Chhoray (Full of Rhymes)

This contains 21 Chhora, mainly written for the Children with illustrations and cover designed by the eminent Cartoonist Rafiqun Nabi, popularly known as RONOBI.

Book of Essays

9.Sangskriti: Jatiyo Mukhosree (Culture: The National Image)

A collection of 70 articles containing 432 pages, a number of them were published in the popular Daily Newspapers, cover designed by the well reputed Artist Aminul Islam.

10.Sriteer Shandhaney (In Search of Memories)

A memoir of the poet, published after his demise in 2008, containing 576 pages in 70 episodes, with a cover designed by the renowned artist Qayyum Chowdhury. The poet expressed a number of times that he would have to write four volumes to depict his colorful life history; unfortunately time did not permit to fulfill his dream.

11.Samprodayeekata Theke Mukti( Freedom from Communalism)

A collection of articles published in the reputed Bangla Daily Newspapers. The book published in the month of August 2008. This includes his speeches delivered at various events/cultural programmes.

12.Gontantric Sairotantra: Sairatantric Gonotantra( Democratic Autocracy: Autocartic Democracy)

This Publication was brought out in October 2006 with a collection of 41 articles, during the period from March 2005 to August 2006.

13.Alor Shandhaney Desh( Country In Search of Light)

A collection and comments by the poet on various critical issues/occasions published in the daily newspapers. This was published in the month of August in 2008.

14.Shimanto Sangraha(Collection of Shimanto)

A collection of the Monthly magazine edited by Mahbubul Alam Chowdhury. Only 13 copies could be recovered out of 48 monthly magazines brought out during 1947 to 1952. The contributors to this monthly included the eminent writers from the then East and West Bengals of undivided India. The cover designed by the renowned artist Sabih-ul Alam.